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About us

XInstruments, a software development company based in California, specializes in industrial automation & control, firmware & driver development, embedded systems, handheld applications, and data processing for science & industry. Typical applications created are user interfaces, the display of plant floor data, as well as supervisory control systems. We have experience in many programming languages like Visual Basic, C#, C++, Delphi, .NET but with particular strength in LabVIEW™. XInstruments has special skills in microcontroller programming, so we can offer complete solutions if development of custom devices is required.

XInstruments transfers your plans and concepts into successful projects. We are responsive, creative and offer innovative approaches and solutions. Our hardware design and development team provides rapid development of electronic circuit boards. The software developers provide custom software to your specifications. We test every solution we provide and every part of it many times during development to ensure reliability.

XInstruments creates comprehensive and cost effective solutions to match the business and technical requirements of our customers. We have the capabilities to take small- and medium-scale development projects.