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xCalibr reprofiling toolkit

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There are many reasons why prober can lose accuracy - normal wear and tear, mishandling, loose components, malfunctioned electronics. Replacing forcer on the system may render it almost useless as calibration only works on the matched forcer-platen pair. Another major problem is that obsolete components and DAR boards are becoming increasingly expensive to maintain and repair. Probers also tend to become less reliable and accurate with time and need to be calibrated.

There are some vendors on the market which perform calibration/reprofiling services. However all of them require prober to be shipped directly into their facility. It takes at least a week for the calibration of a single prober which results in a large downtime and lost revenue.


Having time and cost considerations in mind XInstruments developed first and only truly portable toolkit for probers' reprofiling and accurization. xCalibr allows to perform calibration services right on-site without need to ship system to another facility thus greatly reducing costs and downtime. xCalibr is an excellent tool for the characterization of the system - it can be used to measure prober's accuracy and provide detailed report.


xCalibr is a very simple tool to use. Our user friendly software handles complex calibration tasks by itself. Operators simply need to press few buttons on the prober and then in the software to run calibration procedure.

xCalibr software is created in Labview and runs in standard Windows7 environment. It means that most of the controls and indicators would be familiar to operators thus making it easier for them to run the software.


xCalibr is compatible with following probers:

EG 2001 low res, EG 2001 high res, EG 2080, EG 4080, EG 4080u, EG 4090, EG 4090u.



xCalibr restores accuracy of the system to the spec in a fast and reliable manner.


Typical calibration time for one system is about one hour from start to finish. Results may vary depending on system. Once calibration is done new PROMs can be created and installed into your system. Calibration is done for both linear and cyclic errors.


Prober Accuracy (+-), u Repeatability, u Resolution, u
2001 Low res 5 2.5 2.5
2001 Hi res 4 1 1
2080 5 2.5 2.5
4080 DAR2 4 1 1
4080 DAR3 4 0.25 0.25
4090 4 0.25 0.25
4090u 4 0.25 0.25


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For more information on accuracy please visit our knowledge base. Follow this link.