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xSight add-on

xSight datasheet PDF download here

xSight is a closed loop vision system designed to provide real-time probing accuracy of less than 2.5 microns. It allows to correct for most accuracy related errors and requires less than 200 ms for position correction. xSight also allows to work with diced (blue tape) wafers making it an affordable substitute for expensive systems.

In the core of the system lies vision engine originally developed for probers. After few years of successful engineering and production use it was separated into a new product – xSight. Easy to install and operate this versatile toolkit brings probing accuracy to a whole new level.

Corrects for all stepping errors

xSight corrects for cyclic, repeatability, and linear errors all of which are inherent in every linear motor X/Y stage. These errors are optically detected and then corrected by applying positioning compensation within each movement step. xSight applies positioning compensation in "real time", countering even chuck theta hysteresis factors.


xSight is designed for simplicity of installation and use. Since it's software is created in Labview it offers great stability and allows quick customization and addition of new commands and features.

xSight software is created in Labview and runs in standard Windows7 environment. It means that most of the controls and indicators would be familiar to operators thus making it easier for them to run the software.


xSight is compatible with following probers:

EG 2001 low res (DAR1), EG 2001 high res (DAR2), EG 2080, EG 4080 with DAR2 and EG 4090 with DAR2. If you need support for other prober models please let us know.



xSight makes you prober accurate within 2.5 microns ensuring that it will never miss a pad.


Typical settling time is 150 ms. Correction can be done every Nth die making time loss per die in 10s of ms.


If you are interested in purchasing xSight add-on please contact us

X Instruments LLC email: sales@xinstruments.com phone: +1-888-947-6388

More Info

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