Vision analysis of gauge field

Application for analysis of gauge field

User interface for multi-axis motion controller

User interface for setup and tuning of motion controllers

Firmware downloader

Automation of firmware's downloading into microcontroller


Automation of fiber guides alignment

Engraving 3D

Automation of laser engraving set-up

Windows mobile toolkit for motion control

A set of libraries, drivers and examples for controlling motion controller under Windows Mobile OS

USB driver for stepper motor controller

USB driver for communication between PC and stepper motor controller under Windows OS

Raman fitting laboratory

Application for processing of Raman spectra

Photo thermal spectrometer

Automation of photo thermal spectrometer set-up

Integrated suit for spectroscopy applications

Automation of scientific equipment for spectroscopy research


Custom SCADA application for automation and control of the dynamometer set-up

Automation of 3D scanner

Automation of CVS based system for scanning 3D objects