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Automation of 3D scanner

Scanner's scheme fig.1

Scanner's scheme fig.2

Scanner's scheme fig.3

Scanner's scheme fig.4

Scanners are very useful devices. They save a lot of time – coping documents, pictures, films in a matter of seconds. There is a big limitation, though. Conventional scanners only work with two dimensional objects.  Today, however, world is more and more moving towards three dimensional (3D) workspace. In past decades, 3D packages like, Autocad™, SolidWorks™, 3D Max™, and others have been introduced and found great popularity. 3D scanners have recently started to appear on the consumer market and are smaller and faster than ever before.

XInstruments has automated the 3D scanning system for a custom built scanner, based on Compact Vision System™ (CVS) from National Instruments™ and cameras from Basler™. The automation incorporated the movement of a laser mounted on the rotational stage, capturing images in CVS from two cameras, computing the position of laser beam in both images and sending their coordinates over the Ethernet to the PC. The reconstruction and visualization was performed at PC using custom dynamic link library.

As a result XInstruments has created an application which automated 3D scanning in rugged industrial conditions where ease, reliability and compact design are of great consideration.

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