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Integrated suit for spectroscopy applications

User interface fig.1 

Initialization of equipment fig.2 

Initialization of photon counter fig.3

Spectroscopy is a well known and widely used instrument in a modern science. There are numerous types of spectroscopy like Raman, absorbance, luminescence, infrared, nonlinear, photoinduced etc. Each type is used for specific tasks and requires different equipment. Moreover, complex tasks require modification of standard equipment. Another thing to consider is that complex task requires sophisticated analysis tools. Thus, non-standard spectroscopy applications require non-standard software solutions.

XInstruments automated a laboratory which was devoted to spectroscopy. There were four major types of spectroscopy studies at that time: Raman, photo induced absorbance, linear and photoluminescence. The laboratory was running experiments using different sets of equipment: double stage monohromator, single stage monohromator, lock-in amplifiers, photon counting system and a number of photodetectors.

XInstruments developed a set of modules, one for each piece of scientific equipment, with a unified interface for conducting experiments and saving results. The user interface allowed researchers to choose the type of experiment, set its parameters, calibrate the system and save data in a well structured way. The system proved to be a stable and reliable. Some experiments could then be conducted unattended overnight, thus increasing laboratory output.

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