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User interface for multi-axis motion controller

Main and setup windows fig.1 

Main and shaft position windows fig.2 

Example 1 for SDK fig.3 

Example 2 for SDK fig.4 

VIs tree fig.5

hen it comes to integration of never-used-before device into your system, it's all about time. It takes time to study the manual. It takes time to check if device is working at all (and to find that yes, it does). It takes time to program it – and programming generally takes ten times more then everything else combined together. That's why having good development kit and debugging tool can drastically reduce integration time, thus reducing the cost of whole project.

nderstanding all this, XInstruments has developed a software bundle to accompany USB based multi-axis motion controller. Application supports up to 32 simultaneously connected devices, providing access to each and every function of the device, updating firmware, creating profiles that can be later used in the end user's application. All this comes with a user-friendly intuitive interface, mouse-friendly scroll-over-descriptions for each control and simplicity of use. It is stable and can be used as a last resort application. If the programmer's solutions doesn't work, and this application does work, the programmer's code needs to be corrected. If this application doesn't work, it is time to fix the hardware. In either case it saves a lot of time for both programmers (because they can check everything on place instead of spending time on call to customer's support), and manufacturer of the device (because they don't have to keep large support team).

he software development kit (SDK) of the multi-axis motion controller has dynamic link libraries (dlls) for such popular languages as C++, C#, Delphi and Visual Basic as well as a set of virtual instruments (VI) for Labview. The development kit also comes with a number of examples which help to reduce the learning time. The manual is also supplied so programmers can find description of every function and step-by-step instruction on how to start their work.

aving both a user-friendly interface and an excellent development kit, engineers can create their first application in a matter of hours instead of days, greatly decreasing the final cost of the project.

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