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Windows mobile toolkit for motion control

Connection scheme fig.1 

Handheld PCs fig.2

The world is moving towards functionality and miniaturization – that's why cost-effective, compact and reliable handheld PCs are becoming more and more popular. They give users an unsurpassed advantage of mobility, touch screen capability and wireless connection ability. Consumers want to use established tools and software toolkits for their device.

XInstruments has developed a toolkit for Windows Mobile™ based handheld PCs using wide spread Microsoft's Visual Studio. This toolkit allows end-users to create their own applications to control and configure motion controllers and systems based on it. This toolkit turns handheld PC to a motion control center, uses the advantages of the touch screen display and incorporates motion control hardware into local network using wireless Ethernet.

As a result, our customer has increased sales of his hardware, being able to satisfy the fast growing demand in handheld operable equipment.

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