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Specialization is a key to success in modern world. Knowledge and capabilities are expanding rapidly so in order to stay ahead of competition companies have to be dedicated to one particular activity. It can be manufacturing of equipment, providing a service, distribution or something else. Regardless of activity it happens from time to time that company needs to have knowledge which deviates from their primary expertise. For instance equipment manufacturer will require automating the manufacturing line, or building a prototype or integrating their device into customers’ system. In this case it is a good idea to go to right people who have required expertise and knowledge to do such a job.

XInstruments specializes in consulting services for industrial and scientific automation. We help companies by analyzing their needs and designing solutions. We assist in selecting cost-efficient software and hardware for projects and train personnel to use it. There are many cases in which off-the-shelf solution is not possible. In this case we provide custom software development and system integration services. If you require assistance in your project or just seek advice from experts, please, contact us and we will help with your automation needs.