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Custom Software Development

A manufacturing process, a simple inspection or a scientific experiment – everything should be automated nowadays. It's not even an option – it’s a necessity. It really helps in hazardous or, on the contrary, clean environments where human presence is not welcome.  Automation helps to reduce costs and speed up the output. Most importantly, it helps when reliability and repeatability is a must.

Any automated system consists of three basic parts: hardware (motors, stages, controllers), software (collecting/analysing data, controlling hardware) and human operator (preferably sitting in the office and receiving e-reports from the software). For the process to be successful, all three parts should interact as one entity. The software plays the central role in automation. Even the best hardware will not function without proper control and even the most experienced operator will not be able to effectively control the hardware without proper interface.

Good software should posses at least three qualities: 1) be reliable, 2) be able to solve one particular problem, 3) be user friendly. XInstruments understands how important all three are for you – that's why all applications we build are stable, help to solve exactly your problem and have intuitive, user-friendly interface.

How did we achieve this? Relatively simple. We just have the top-notch software and hardware engineers working hand to hand. We just have enormous amount of experience in development of software and hardware for automation purposes. And we test, test and test our products to ensure reliability.

So if you are equipment manufacturer, a system integrator or end-user, if you require a small software tool or a full-scale multi-level application, if you need it to be cost effective, reliable and you need it fast then contact us and we will make a solution that is right for you.



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