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System Integration

In the world of automation virtually any project involves a lot of different equipment. Depending on the problem to solve it can be motors, cameras, computers, microcontrollers, receivers, transmitters, DAQ modules, wave generators, lock-in detectors etc. Each of these devices is designed for a very specific task and can help to solve only small part of the problem. Only combined or, in different words, integrated together they can solve the whole problem.

There are a lot of things to consider during integration process. Devices generally come from different vendors and use different protocols to communicate with the world. So interaction between two devices or even with a device and computer can involve triggering, signal conditioning, time and frequency domain analyses, etc. Whatever is involved, interaction must be flawless and reliable. So it takes more then reading a user manual to integrate a device into the system.

XInstruments provides system integration services. We have knowledge and experience required to work with different types of industrial and scientific equipment. If you are interested in our system integration services, please, contact us. We can also develop custom software and provide assistance in selection of software and hardware for your project.